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Kuzma switched to football

2022-06-25 17:05American football game
Summary: Kuzma has averaged 25 points in the past five games. Will Yingge fall out of favorAs far as the current situation is concerned, the Lakers have chosen Kuzma between Kuzma and Yingge, and Yingge has be
Kuzma has averaged 25 points in the past five games. Will Yingge fall out of favor
As far as the current situation is concerned, the Lakers have chosen Kuzma between Kuzma and Yingge, and Yingge has been transferred. In fact, Kuzma is at the same level as Yingge, and his position in the team is the same, but Yingge has a disadvantage: his father. Yingge's father often becomes the focus of public opinionKuzma may not be able to renew his contract with the Lakers. Where do you think he might be traded
With James at the front, I won't say much about this. It's likely that he will stay in the Lakers for the rest of his life. Kuzma is really of no great use. It is normal for him to be traded. The Lakers will continue to fight for the championship next season by changing a good guard. Kuzma used to play very well. In previous years, Kuzma could still playDon't take photos with NBA giants! Is Johnson two laps smaller than O'Neal
Jushi Johnson has reached a certain level of fitness. After playing WWE, he gives the impression that he is a tough guy. His big size has become his feature and has made a world in the film world. And he also played football. Only with such a figure can he match the intensity of football. Don't talk about othersHow should the NBA Lakers operate to defend the title
At present, the Lakers do not want to move Kuzma. However, Kuzma's performance this season has not reached the expectation of the Lakers' fans. He has grown into the third largest player of the Lakers. In the near future, it is not ruled out that the Lakers will turn Kuzma into a trading asset. It is said that if Kuzma is sent away, the Lakers will be very interested in GallinariMany Lakers fans want to trade Kuzma. Why does the team keep him
Kuzma was James' first helper in the 18-19 season. He averaged 18.7 points per game, higher than Ingram at that time. He was once loved by Lakers fans. But this year things have changed. During the finals, Kuzma was boycotted by some Lakers fans. They voted on the websiteIs it better for Kuzma to leave the Lakers and join the Wizards
When they are no longer restricted by top players, it is extremely expected what kind of data Kuzma can play. Kuzma said his goal has always been to beat James in training. This goal may not be achieved in the near future after he leaves the team, but I believe he can beat James in the official game one dayKuzma has a strong scoring ability. What are his technical weaknesses
Kuzma scored 38 points, 7 rebounds and 7 three points in the Lakers' game against the RockKuzma switched to footballets today, ending the Rockets' 14 consecutive wins. Kuzma's average scoring ability of 17.4 points this season is beyond doubt. He is very like Kobe Bryant on the offensive side, but he has no sense of eKuzma switched to footballxistence on the defensive side. The first thing Kuzma needs to change is his defenseWhy are Rodman, Kuzma and 59 year old jennybass still so popular
Jenny buss was born in 1961. Now she is 59 years old. The relationship of the Laker owner over 50 years old is enough to make a 150 episode foam drama. Love and hate with Rodman, who played for the LakersWhy do many people who know the ball don't like Kuzma
Moreover, his shortcomings have been magnified infinitely. His body, defense, dribbling and other aspects need his own continuous efforts. If he wants to gain a foothold in the NBA, he must constantly modify his shortcomings, or he will be eliminated by the NBA. I hope Kuzma can constantly give full play to his strengths and make efforts to correct his shortcomingsKuzma has just been traded by the Lakers. It was revealed that he broke up with his supermodel girlfriend. Was he abandoned by his ex girlfriend_ Hundred
The development prospect of the Lakers is much better than that of the wizards, but Kuzma can only play as a substitute for bill. If his state cannot be changed, he will be eliminated from the NBA soon. Without strength, there is no chance to gain a foothold in the NBA. Strength is the only right to speak
Kuzma switched to football

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