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Christine M. Grand
Attorney and Counseler
31731 Northwestern Highway
Suite 151
Farmington Hills, Michigan

431 Gratiot Ave.
Detroit, MI 48226

Located across from
36th District Court,
Frank Murphy Hall of Justice and the Wayne County Jail


Ms. Grand has never been a prosecutor. Unlike other so called defense attorneys, Ms. Grand has never prosecuted anyone on behalf of the government.

Failing to Register is now Deportable

The United States Congress recently passed a law, which makes any non-citizen who is convicted in Federal Court of the new sex offender registration requirements deportable and disqualified from cancellation for non-LPR’s. There are several steps that must be met in order to be deported. The non-citizen must first be convicted of a listed “sex offense”, then convicted of failing to register and finally be convicted under the federal law of failure to register.

At the same time that Congress passed the deportation statute Congress added several offenses which are deportable and are listed “sex offenses”. Therefore the non-citizen would likely be deportable on two fronts; first for the conviction of the sex offense and second for the conviction of failure to register.

















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