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Christine M. Grand
Attorney and Counseler
31731 Northwestern Highway
Suite 151
Farmington Hills, Michigan

431 Gratiot Ave.
Detroit, MI 48226

Located across from
36th District Court,
Frank Murphy Hall of Justice and the Wayne County Jail

"I have succesfully represented over 3,500 individuals charged with serious crimes. Let me put my experience to work for you, so you can have a Great Defense!"

Ms. Grand has never been a prosecutor. Unlike other so called defense attorneys, Ms. Grand has never prosecuted anyone on behalf of the government.


Michigan Law defines a "Felony" as any offense that carries a maximum penalty of imprisonment of more than 1 year, even if designated as a "misdemeanor" in the Penal Code (the so called "High Misdemeanor")

Any criminal arrest is serious and should be treated as such by your attorney. A criminal conviction often has serious long term ramifications that impact your life. A conviction may result in problems in obtaining employment, job termination, license restriction or revocation, denial of educational opportunities and eligibility for economic assistance, and complete governmental control over your daily life. Your first order of business is to obtain experienced legal counsel that clearly understands your legal predicament.

A Felony is a Serious Offense

A Felony can be punishable by up to life in prison without any possibility of parole. Aside from the potential of long term incarceration, a felony conviction can carry thousands of dollars in fines and multiple conditions of probation, all of which you will be forced to bear the expense. You may be required to attend Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous multiple times a week, attend inpatient drug treatment (keeping you away from your home, job and family), wear an electronic tether 24 hours a day, adhere to strict curfews7 days a week, comply with restrictions on where you can go on a daily basis, comply with restrictions on who you can associate with, be subject to random alcohol & drug testing and consent to random, suspicionless searches of you person and home by the local authorities.

I am here to help you with your defense, to stand along side you and to protect you in court from the Prosecuting attorney and the police. Contact me through this site, or call me, and let me start preparing your defense.












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