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Christine M. Grand
Attorney and Counseler
31731 Northwestern Highway
Suite 151
Farmington Hills, Michigan

431 Gratiot Ave.
Detroit, MI 48226

Located across from
36th District Court,
Frank Murphy Hall of Justice and the Wayne County Jail

"I have succesfully represented over 3,500 individuals charged with serious crimes. Let me put my experience to work for you, so you can have a Great Defense!"

Ms. Grand has never been a prosecutor. Unlike other so called defense attorneys, Ms. Grand has never prosecuted anyone on behalf of the government.

Practice Areas

Drunk Driving
Homicide/Murder/Vehicular Manslaughter
Traffic Tickets
Sexual Assault/Rape
Drivers License Restoration
Commercial Driver's License (CDL) tickets
Domestic Violence/Assault and Battery
Drug Possession and Sales
Weapons Possession (CCW)
Auto Theft and Larceny
Burglary/Breaking and Entering
Vehicle and Asset Forfeiture
Bad Checks and Embezzlement
Minor in Possession
Internet Solicitation/Child Enticement
Probation Violations
Child Pornography

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